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Companies adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, since the beginning of the creation of the personnel work in the position of the center of gravity, strive to provide a good opportunity for the development of self, career development for talents. To encourage people to realize their value in the competition, to make the greatest contribution to the enterprise.

The incentive mechanism is to stimulate potential employees, incentive, dynamic competition as the core content of human resources management system, starting from the selection and people, educating people, keep people in four aspects, the establishment of incentive and restriction mechanism, through a variety of training and competition, such as competition, optimization, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, to carry out business the internal rational competition, motivate employees, to maximize their individual ability, enhance staff dedication and professionalism, enhance cohesion, promote the development of the enterprise.

Companies in the implementation of the performance appraisal of staff issued a series of incentive policies, and to reward the achievements and gain skill. At present, these performance incentives have been recognized and accepted by all the staff. The company attaches great importance to the management and staff communication, a comprehensive collection of staff evaluation information, actively organize continuous improvement, improve employee satisfaction.